The heat of the day enrages
those without air-conditioned rooms
or the learning to drink water
   to continue to breathe
   to attempt compassion

I watch my back
             which is really impossible. 
I don’t know what I’ll do
if I have to fight
the neighbours for water
  or our beliefs.

        Check out
    our elaborate systems
   of rubbish collection,
our worship of infrastructure
          - such spiritual beasts…

Somewhere far away, bodies
move across bodies
 of land in search of water.
I wash my car with water.
     It hasn’t rained in weeks.

Let out your hair.
Let up your guard.
Let on your secrets.
Let off your weapons.

In a norwesterly
                        guns kill people
   extending the malicious gesture
all the way down Columbus St.
The roses are also going off.
They’re exploding, showering
 petals over the skin of my eyes.

This is the age of certificates.
      Medals are too heavy –
they remind us of our extraordinary
capacity for suffering, for struggle.

That short-cut we take
     when no-one looks
short-circuits the work.
We’re straight; we are distant.
We grow increasingly
       hell-bent.  It is evil
           it is ludicrous
what we come to accept.

      (the emergency
     the emergency isn’t
     here yet, hold me…)

      There doesn’t need
to be a conspiracy
for us all to be in terrible danger.
  Certain elements of how
living things come to prosper
         are enough to explain
this rapidly expanding