An Argument

Crazy.  We’re all insane
individually, in groups
inside our languages
as a species.  It’s inbuilt.
We’re in up to the hilt
and this makes us prejudiced.
Besides, it’s so complex
and these mental models
we exchange each time we speak
   are approximations
we use to justify or to guess
all predicated on the inherent
   value of our own

survival.  Beyond that
you may teach yourself to see
   but the feelings
the feelings will always be
irrational and come from the body
you in your precious carbon form
and conscious magically.

   Physical reality exists
certainly, we’re part of it
and we have our systems
of thought we put so much work
into them and their implications
and they’re vital and stunning
and enlightened and pragmatic

and insane.  Keep fighting,
keep trying, keep improving
    but first, accept this.