Dry / drty

the ideology's all thru me now.
To be distressed about
being stuck in the world of signs
is so late nineties.
We burn off, fat
tyres squeal like girls.

  symbilosis                    getting the horn
   dreamage                          of good hope

       disturbution                here is a body
  cosmonautical     emptied for your play
                 thoughts are weak nails

     Tv shelters me, it feeds
in to the living room, the way
the supermarket keeps you from fields
or our heads caught scrolling
   the book's grammatical beat
safe fron the mess of
  the                 concrete          
                  florid              hoha

      I fat right in there.
                 You must push yourself
back into place.
                 You must pace yourself
   up and down rooms
the smell of burning hair in the shed
 an abandoned landscape
                ripe with families

              ALL NEW ISSUES

The relation is cleaned by money.
Economics has no ethical
language you could question it in.
           fur coats fall
         the shaken city
bruising and abruptly more kind.

Your mouth's an act of violence
centuries of self-hate
accumulate in your hips
       pornopathy     mathesocial
my presence is tence

Meaning's an illusion
  with consequences.
Spring's prickling

giving me fat lips, broken nails
lassitude in the face of order
        speed       in          dreams
a sustained note  taking
    shape                 sharpens
ablaze.    The trick

is learning how to live
with what we know.