Diversions turn
you into something else.
Time rolls
     into a ditch
and all that’s left
is a cupboard full
of half-finished projects.

We secure the future
with mighty words.
We hold the past down
to keep it from hurting anyone.

                 -  oh my god   -

     live with me here
in this quiet outpost
we’ll be self-sufficient
in our pleasures, all our joys
  locally sourced

Peace bleaches the spirit
into incandescence
and I practise compassion.
I practise and practise
and may slowly be improving

or could just be
hiding my vulnerabilities
better, living in comfort
so can afford now, to be sweet.

Morality starts from intuition
and walks backward
  justifying itself.
In lieu of emergency

I place attention
   on what emerges
and try to learn to love.